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Improving your business by knowing what drives your suppliers' business


It's important to understand where your suppliers stand when it comes to financial performance. To benchmark and evaluate their finances is one measurement that tells about their ability to deliver according to plan. A single supplier could make a huge difference for the whole process.  

The Key to Business Finance® is a tailored program that in just two days takes the participants through an extensive program that starts with financial basics and finishes off with evaluating real suppliers using The Visual Language of Finance combined with internal tools. Of course, business games and hands-on exercises are used in this globally delivered program to make it memorable and fun.

"With Bonanza's Visual Language of Finance, an interactive, efficient and fun learning environment is created. Simply a fantastic way to increase financial knowledge".
- Cathrine Vincenti, Head of Early Career Programs, Ericsson


The Bonanza Learning Platform increases understanding of the Financial drivers, pain points and challenges of our prospects and clients.


Finance is an important part of the leader development program. How the different parts of the business are linked together and why we measure what we do are essential parts of the learning experience. 


Finance for non-Finance Professionals is an adapted two day workshop delivered to professionals in all divisions of the business.


Reaching an organization that exists worldwide is a challenge. Through knowledge in how to analyze future cash flows and a clear common process, we define a global standard for the company.

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