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Engage the whole organisation through leadership training


In a heavy technical environment, where excellence in every aspect of the craftsmanship is required, it is difficult to engage the whole organization in financial matters. People simply need to devote all focus to their area of expertise. However, the financial outcome still depends on everybody’s’ engagement, also in the numbers. So, how to involve and engage all personnel in the numbers?

​A healthy corporation starts with great ideas, goals and policies, implemented in the organization through good management. The managers are highly educated in management, sales and technical areas. However, the field "financial communication" is a subject often neglected in both MBA- and University programs. This is where The Visual Language of Finance® comes in, closing the gaps and making finance and numbers both easy to understand and communicate.


Bonanzas utbildningsplattform ökar förståelsen för de finansiella drivers, brister och utmaningar som våra kunder och prospekts står inför.

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Det är viktigt att förstå sina leverantörer när det gäller ekonomi. En enda leverantör kan göra en enorm skillnad för hela flödet.


Reaching an organization that exists worldwide is a challenge. Through knowledge in how to analyze future cash flows and a clear common process, we define a global standard for the company.


Anpassad tvådagars workshop om bland annat kundmöten och  bedömning av framåtriktat kassaflöde.

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