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About Bonanza

Bonanza Education has been providing companies and organizations with a unique alternative to traditional financial education since 1991. Learning Finance for the sake of learning finance is not our clients' main goal. Financial acumen is a vehicle to value creation, and, therefore, a strategic issue!

With 45+ countries, 5 continents and 1,000,000+ participants as part of our mileage, we are thoroughly tested and experienced. People around the globe, more or less, have the same questions and the same attitude towards finance. That’s amazing and at the same time reassuring that we are on the right track.

We are dedicated to lift the veil of fear and help people to truly SEE finance. Not only understand finance, but also, create the ability to confidently communicate financial information.

When information is exchanged in conversations that include financial insights (opportunities or risks), people need to understand what they are hearing to be able to bring value to the conversation. The Visual Language of Finance® helps to put all the pieces together and enables a solid business understanding.


Bonanza Education is a privately owned company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition, we also have offices in Columbus (OH) and San José (CA) as well as representation in Australia, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

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