Live virtual sessions that provide the FUNdamentals of Finance and prepares for the next step.


We know that regardless of how good a classroom experience is, it needs to be extended to give the full value. But at the same time, the classroom session needs to be as short as possible to be as cost efficient as possible. To extend the classroom we often start with a virtual hand-shake, get the first experience and introduction to the subject, to be fully prepared for the next step of the journey.


Tailored, adapted and highly interactive programs that demystify finance and develops the financial skill set.


Even if the digital transformation means that the virtual deliveries cover more and more ground, the pillar of the learning process still is the facilitated learning. Our interactive and tangible exercises build the required skillset that transforms into adapted and relevant sessions. Business games that put energy and fun into the process are vital parts in a successful learning experience. The learning is based on The Visual Language of Finance® — and that’s what differentiates us from anyone else.



The unique app that reinforces key concepts and keeps the subject top of mind for weeks.

Our unique Performance Support System, Bonanza-iQ (BiQ) is a game changer when it comes to beating the forgetting curve. BiQ is an app that shoots questions and scenarios to participants twice a week for 6-8 weeks after the facilitated learning. BiQ ensures that the subject is top of mind during a long time. Compared to regular e-mail follow-up, BiQ increases response rate close to 100%. BiQ also provides a clear view of remaining knowledge gaps. Of course, data is shared with clients on a weekly basis.



Facilitates and simplifies the work with financial information.

Developed to make the company's finances as simple as possible, so everyone can understand. Bisgraf presents financial year-end data in clear graphs, directly from public year-end databases or real-time data directly from accounting programs, all in order to quickly and easily get a picture of the company's finances. In addition to presenting year-end information, you can easily analyze a customer or supplier. Or why not compare your own company with a competitor or the entire industry? In addition to a quick look at the company's financial history, it is also possible to simulate future scenarios.