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Services and Methods



Virtual sessions that provide the FUNdamentals of Finance and prepares for the next step.


Regardless of how well teacher-led courses work, a slightly shorter online course can sometimes be enough.
Our visual and interactive online courses can be adapted to different needs.

Take complexity out and put simple in


We are dedicated to demystifying finance and put it to work — through The Visual Language of Finance®

Facilitated Learning  

Tailored, adapted and highly interactive programs that demystify finance and develops the financial skill set.


Teacher-led teaching is an important pillar in all education. We start from The Visual Language of Finance® – a unique methid that visualizes finances in easy-to-understand graphs. Newly acquired skills are tested in exercises and business games. Over the years, the method has proven to be completely unsurpassed.


Bonanza iQ

The unique smartphone-app that reinforces key concepts and keeps the subject top of mind for weeks.

Our unique Performance Support System, Bonanza-iQ (BiQ) is a game changer when it comes to beating the forgetting curve. BiQ ensures that the subject is top of mind during a long time. Compared to regular e-mail follow-up, BiQ increases response rate close to 100%. 


Facilitates and simplifies the work with financial information.

Developed to make the company's finances as simple as possible, so everyone can understand. Bisgraf presents financial year-end data in clear graphs, directly from public year-end databases or real-time data directly from accounting programs, all in order to quickly and easily get a picture of the company's finances. In addition to presenting year-end information, you can easily analyze a customer or supplier. Or why not compare your own company with a competitor or the entire industry? In addition to a quick look at the company's financial history, it is also possible to simulate future scenarios.




Learning has to be engaging and fun. If your day of learning ends up in a headache, you completely missed the mark. Gamification is a sure way to make people learn with a smile. We use tangible business games, as a part of the learning experience, to get a chance to learn from own experience, success and failure.




Cognitive research shows that visualization makes the uptake of new skills easier, faster and more consisting. Basically, it goes back to the way that our brains are wired, why a picture tells more than a thousand words (or numbers). The visual approach opens the subject of finance to all, not only to the number crunchers.



All companies produce large amounts of financial reports that are intended to serve as support and governing documents in the business. By applying The Visual Language of Finance®, Bonanza helps to make the documents understandable to all employees in the company.

Take a few minutes and watch the movie next door and you will understand what we mean ...

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