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Developing Sales


Mastering executive communication


Improving customer satisfaction through improved dialogue


Most financial institutions and financial service providers strive to position themselves as the corporate client business partner. To claim that position the value offer should include more than the commodity itself, otherwise, it's likely that price will be in the center of the discussion. Being well prepared and able to center the discussion around the client's future cash flow creates the basis of delivering additional value. Can that discussion also be clear, simple and visual?

In most countries the great number of corporate clients are probably found in the SME segment.


The Visual Language of Finance® is an extremely efficient way to communicate financial solutions regardless of the client's background. Discussions that generate the "I haven't thought about it like that before", are a sure sign that needles have been moved. When the value is clear you are not likely to have discussions on price.

In modern banking, it is essential to understand the client's business today... and tomorrow.

In Nordea we use our tools Bisgraf, Online Training, IRL-training, Bonanza Value Story and Business Games


The Bonanza Learning Platform increases understanding of the Financial drivers, pain points and challenges of our prospects and clients.


Finance is an important part of the leader development program. How the different parts of the business are linked together and why we measure what we do are essential parts of the learning experience. 


The Key to Business Finance as well as Web training are powerful tools to better understand and evaluate suppliers and customers.


Reaching an organization that exists worldwide is a challenge. Through knowledge in how to analyze future cash flows and a clear common process, we define a global standard for the company.

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